What if Prokofiev had settle in Cuba and got inspiration from the island's rythm intricaties? 

Recorded in Cuba with Harold Lopez Nussa Trio, Maraca, Dayme Arocena and a string ensemble. 


Danish composer Line Kruse sets the bar high in big band music with an ambitious fourth album Hidden Stone. Violin-led and fueled with latin polyrythms, her music shows an original view on today’s Jazz. 


Line's third album is based on

Latin  contemporary jazz and electro, linking Argentina,

France and Denmark.

DREAM (2009)

Evolving within a modern jazz setting, and with just the right dose of electronica, DREAM is

a refreshing new sound in jazz, bursting with creative energy.


First record as a leader, Warm Waves shows Line’s music in a small acoustic lineup, already displaying her musical DNA, memorable melodies served by her own mix of Jazz and Afro-cuban rythms.