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Violinist Line Kruse is known for blurring the lines. A Dane in Paris, she has explored Latin traditions with her strong jazz and classical background. A master at juggling Afro- Peruvian odd meters, she once shared the stage with electro tango Gotan Project.

In 2020, her album Invitation recorded with the Harold Lopez Nussa trio, flute master Maraca Valle and Dayme Arocena won her a warm welcome into Habana Jazz Festival.

Her new album bånd captures her new compositions with some long-time friends, and it looks like the best of the Danish Jazz scene: Peter Rosendal (best Jazz album 2020), sax new star Frederick Menzies, Jonas Johansen (NHØP long time drummer) and Kaspar Vadsholt, Steen Hansen and Jesper Riis from the DR Big Band.

"I have called the album bånd (bound, in english), because it makes so much sense right now - a tribute to everything that binds us together, to our countries of origin and adoption, to our cultures, which are mutually enriched by meetings and good fortunes," says Line Kruse.

A team of 100% Danish adventurers on a journey to explore the world.

1) Now The Day Is Full Of Singing 

2) Harald Bluetooth 

3) Ilsebil (Den milde dag er lys og lang) *

4) Windmills 

5) Wings 

6) Enigma 

7) Argentino 

8) Freja’s Sal 

9) That’s What Friends Are For *

linekrusebånd  PRKit 

album release: 2022

Line Kruse  - Violin,

composition ( except *),


Lineup :

Jesper Riis : trp, flugelhorn

Frederick Menzies : tenor sax,

clarinet, bass clarinet, flute

Steen Nikolaj Hansen : trb

Peter Rosendal : piano

Kaspar Vadsholt : bass

Jonas Johansen : drums

Special guests :

Cæcilie Norby : voc

Helgi Jonsson : voc

Per Gade : guitars
Minino Garay : percussions
Stéphane Chausse : flute, 
bass clarinet

13 pieces strings section

*Now the Day Is Full of Singing* (Nielsen)

*Ilsebil (Den milde dag er lys og lang) - (Nielsen / Berntsen)
*That's What Friends Are For (Bacharach / Bayer Sager)


Press: Mettelise Larsen ( PROMOTE IT ) 


Label / Distribution : Continuo Jazz



Booking: InFocus Music


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