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What critics say


What the critics say:

“Hidden Stone subtlety celebrates the marriage between Argentinian zamba, Peruvian festejo and Scandinavian light” - Libération 

 “An original concept which renews the balance between the different tones of the orchestra” – France Musique

“Unforgettable and surprising by its richness” - Jazz Mag

“An explosive combination” -  Europe 1

 “A very beautiful surprise” – Jazz à FIP 

“A TSF Must-See” – TSF Jazz 

“Essential listening!!!” – Jazz News 


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Label / Distribution : Continuo Jazz

e-mail: continuoclassics@gmail.com


Booking: InFocus Music

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Press: Marc Sénéchal

e-mail: senechal.com@gmail.com

VIDEOS - various projects

Line Kruse Dansk7 @ The Village (København - DK) 2018

Line Kruse Orchestra live 2018 - trailer 

Line Kruse Septet @ Sunset, Paris

Line Kruse Orchestra @ Petit Journal Montparnasse