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Conductor, big band leader, and composer

Line Kruse is a Danish artist who has captivated global audiences with her innovative approach to music.Her passion for exploring uncharted sonic terrain and commitment to artistic excellence have propelled her to assemble an exceptional ensemble.
By masterfully fusing the rich textures of a string section with the dynamic energy of a jazz orchestra, Kruse has crafted a distinctive, mesmerizing sonic experience that defies music genres.

Invitation to music excellence

One of Line Kruse's most celebrated achievements is the founding of her 12-piece string ensemble, renowned for its ingenious interpretations of classical masterpieces and original compositions. The album "Invitation" showcases the ensemble's remarkable versatility, with innovative arrangements that exemplify Line's ability to transcend the boundaries of musical expression.

Through her groundbreaking work, Kruse has cemented her status as a mainstay in today’s music, breathing new life into the art of large ensemble performance while paying homage to its storied heritage.

Conducting brilliance

Line Kruse's inspiration to start her 12-piece string ensemble stemmed from her desire to blend classical traditions with contemporary influences. With a profound understanding of musical nuances and an innate ability to inspire ensembles, she has rejuvenated timeless compositions with meticulous attention to detail and artistic excellence, elevating her ensemble to new heights across Europe and Latin America.

From reimagining Prokofiev with Cuban jazz to dynamic collaborations with big bands, she curates a genre-defying melodic journey that spans continents and styles, including Argentinian, Cuban, and Afro-Peruvian rhythms. Whether leading her own ensemble or as a guest conductor, the vibrant fusion of Kruse's artistry is undeniable.

Big Band Innovator

Beyond her conducting skils, Line Kruse has also made a mark as an innovative big band leader. Her ability to seamlessly interweave the rich traditions of jazz with Latin influences has resulted in a captivating sound.

The album "Hidden Stone" showcases the talent and versatility of Line Kruse's 18-piece band. Departing from traditional big band formats, the ensemble is led by her virtuosic violin playing, infusing improvisations with distinct melodic lines and flavors that reflect her deep understanding of harmony and rhythm.

A spellbinding stage presence

Undoubtedly, her stage presence benefited from her nine-years stint in the Gotan Project, electro-tango innovators of world-wide fame. On stage with Celine Dion or Sardou, also bringing her music to small venues for jazz aficionados, her performances are marked by a palpable energy and a profound emotional connection that resonates with audiences.

Whether conducting a classical masterpiece or leading her sizzling big band, Line Kruse's performances are a feast for the senses, a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and ability to unite diverse, talented musicians. Her passion for music is obvious, and her ability to connect with audiences on a profound level is truly remarkable.

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