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What critics say


What the critics say:

“Hidden Stone subtlety celebrates the marriage between Argentinian zamba, Peruvian festejo and Scandinavian light” - Libération 

 “An original concept which renews the balance between the different tones of the orchestra” – France Musique

“Unforgettable and surprising by its richness” - Jazz Mag

“An explosive combination” -  Europe 1

 “A very beautiful surprise” – Jazz à FIP 

“A TSF Must-See” – TSF Jazz 

“Essential listening!!!” – Jazz News 


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Danish violinist and composer Line Kruse has constantly played with musical boundaries. Adopted by the community of South American musicians upon her arrival in Paris, her name is associated with the paths of the Argentine percussionist Minino Garay, the Cubans of Sabor A Son, and the Gotan Project.

Line Kruse leads two 19-piece ensembles, the Dansk7 septet and a 14-string BowLines ensemble. She was also able to decline her repertoire for smaller groups, from septet to quintet. Her work with large bands began with the album Dancing on Air (2012) written mainly for violin and Jazz Octet, which allowed the Swedish bass player Lars Danielsson to meet the Argentine drummer Minino Garay and the Afro-Peruvian percussionist Miguel Ballumbrosio .

A milestone was reached in 2017 with the creation of the Line Kruse Orchestra, which combines the clear line of the violin with the power of a big jazz band led to the bow.
With Hidden Stone, "incredible and surprising by its luxuriance" (Jazz Mag), Line Kruse played with timbres and conventions, and invited the polyrhythms and instruments of Afro-Peruvian and Andean traditions in the context of the composition for great together. For France Musique, "Hidden Stone revives the art of the big band by injecting traditional Latin American rhythms into the aesthetics of Scandinavian jazz" The violin fits there in section with the brass, in the rhythm or as a soloist . Many guests, soloists and on the whole, complete an exceptional cast, which combines generations and nationalities "A real talent for arranging, a very nice surprise", comments Jazz at FIP.

In 2019, the creation of the album Invitation has to be seen as an extension of Line Kruse's musical research concerning Russian composers of the end of the 19th century,  in regard with Jazz and Latin music. To achieve this, musicians themselves had to come from the Russian School and its orbit, and able to apprehend traditional folk without academism. It was in Cuba, with the musicians of Harold Lopez Nussa's trio and in Paris with her own BowLines ensemble that Line Kruse was able to strike the rare and delicate balance between these two forces. The Invitation program, and the eponymous group, aims to be a land of contrast, with lyricism contained, where rhythmic breaks would would be the landforms. And all the playfull elegance to perform a 7/8 Montuno against all odds.

«  album grandiose… une musicienne en état de grâce » Jazz News

« à découvrir - 4 étoiles «  Jazz Mag 

« une profondeur subtile. Une « Invitation » à laquelle il est difficile de résister. » Vincent Bessières  - La Terrasse

« Quel beau disque ! »   « excellement bien entourée » - FIP 

« un des disques les plus créatifs de ces derniers mois! » Que Tal


Label / Distribution : Continuo Jazz



Booking: InFocus Music



Press: Marc Sénéchal


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